How and When Mother’s Day is spent all over the World?

Mothers are the most beautiful and loving creature in this universe. They stand by us even when the world betrays us. Since years, mother’s day has been celebrated all over the world. In the UK and USA the trend is established for centuries, whereas in the Middle East and South Asian countries the trend is flourishing day by day. In every state, the date of celebration is unique and different. Similarly, the traditions and ways of celebration are also different. However, the level of enthusiasm and care and love for mothers remain constant all over the world.

Mother’s Day in America

In America, mother’s day is celebrated on 12th May which is usually the second Sunday of the month with immense excitement and ardour. Mother’s day in America is usually a holiday so people can celebrate it to the fullest. The day usually begins with the exchange of good gesture and gifts. Then the families usually visit their churches as a religious activity. Later on, the distribution of carnations is attempted. Carnation distribution is the symbolic activity of their historical Anna Jarvis who started it in 1908. Different commercial programs and social media activities are performed. The day usually ends with a lavish family dinner which is arranged for mothers.

Mother’s Day in Australia

In Australia, Mother’s day is celebrated on 12th May with vigour and exuberance. The basic celebration of exchanging gifts and dinner rituals are the same. However, there is a unique gesture which Austrians usually offer on this day. They celebrate this day by mentioning all the efforts and achievements of their mother’s in one or another way. They appreciate their mothers for every single action they have done for them. People usually organize march passes and walks on roads to collect funds for the women who live in old age homes. Success stories of single mothers are usually printed in magazines.

Mother’s Day in the Middle East

In the Middle East, Mothers day is celebrated on 21st March with highly raised spirit and avidity. On 21st March there is a national holiday in states of Middle East. People spend this day by showing immense love and gratitude for mothers by sharing greeting cards, flowers and chocolates. The complete family spends the whole day together making efforts for the mothers. Usually different outdoor activities are planned like picnic parties, brunches and family meetups. The NGO foundations visit different old age homes where mothers are greeted and gifts are given to them.

Mother’s Day in European and Asian Countries

In European Countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 8th March with high eagerness. In the United Kingdom, Mother’s Day is celebrated on fourth Sunday in Lent which precedes Easter. The main sermon of the event is exchanging gifts and greeting cards along with balloons and chocolates for mothers. There is a culture of “surprise” in European and Asian countries where family members arrange a secret party for mothers. All the close friends, work colleagues and relatives of the mother are invited. A cake cutting ceremony is held and a lavish dinner is cherished.
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