7 Tips to Save Money While Travelling This Summer

Summertime sadness is a huge myth for all those who are travel fanatics. Summer travel is the one time of the year everyone looks forward to. We finally get a break from our jobs, schools, exams and what not and take that time to have fun with our friends or family. Although traveling is expensive it does not have to be. There are actually so many ways to save money while traveling this summer. Be it anywhere you want to, some of these tips will apply. All you have to do is be a little clever and figure out how to use these tips in your plans this year.

Pre-Book Flight Tickets

Wherever we are traveling, flight tickets are the main expense we have. As we know, summer is the time when almost everyone travels. No matter how spontaneous you are, it is best to pre-book your flight tickets to save money or you will have to buy tickets at extremely high rates during the season.


There are so many websites which offer amazing deals and discounts. These packages include honeymoon packages and what not. You can skim through these and find offers that best suit you. There are even promo codes available so you should keep an eye out for them as well. This seems like a hassle but is totally worth it. tripadvisor.com is one of the websites with amazing deals and discounts. You can also use promo codes and coupons to enjoy discounts on already attractive deals on tripadvisors.com

Talk To The Locals

Now that you are at your destination, always know that the best guides are the ones who live there. We outsiders only know about the hyped up places which are extremely expensive so save money on food by asking locals about good restaurants nearby. You can even find restaurant coupons and have a great meal at a great price.

Walk, Walk, Walk

Cars will cost you a lot especially as a tourist. The idea of having a private car is amazing but while traveling most of we love to walk around and explore. If you have to go somewhere really far way only then use a car or take a cab, otherwise walking will be the best option.

Spend More Time In Fewer Places

Explore, sure but also be mindful that it might disturb your budget. The best thing to do is to choose some of the best places which you will love and spend your time there. This will greatly save your travel and accommodation expenses.

Age Matters

If you are a student then do not forget to ask about student discounts. You can actually find some amazing discounts this way and many places actually offer discounts and coupons for students.

Call The Hotel Directly

No hotel management likes empty rooms. A great option is to call the hotel directly and ask them if they can offer you some discounts. They want their rooms to be filled, so if the customer rate is low they might offer you some discounts and you would be good to go!